Google Drive for PC is a hosting (file storage and synchronization service) developed by Google Inc. Google Drive for Windows provides a secure way for storing data, this application allows users an easy và quick mode of file sharing within and outside the organization without personal HDD. Google Drive application helps users in relieving of tracking hard drives from one place to another. The good thing more about Google Drive for Windows is that it can sync. Lượt thích Dropbox file hosting service, it can use this for storing your presentation document and access them where it need to lớn be required for presentation.

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License: FreeAuthor: Google IncOS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10Language: EnglishVersion: File Name: Google Drive for Windows 32 và 64 bit setupFile Size:


Google Drive Overview

Another good point is that you may use the online version without the need to download the files. You can watch videos on Google Drive, reading PDF files, & more files such as PPT, XLS, DOC, và more. You can simply work on the files from the online version, make the edits and etc. Google Drive for Windows is a very reliable software to lớn use in large organizations, personal use or everything. The main attractive feature is the ability to lớn store a large number of files in your account and retrieve these files anytime without having to lớn be on a secure network.

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The most helpful thing in the Google Drive feature is being a very neat và clean interface. The upload of documents or files is very fast. Sufficient file storage, with no bugs, competitive pricing for the premium package. It also easy for file sharing also the web & mobile optimization is great. The benefit is that users can have access khổng lồ all your files from everywhere from the home, school, your office or etc.

It is good cloud-based storage & easy khổng lồ work with. Google Drive for Windows is very user-friendly, just make sure you have a good internet connection so you will not have issues in uploading the files. If you have to share your teamwork of heavy files and like to start working from trang chủ or etc, you must have Google Drive for Windows.



Features of Google Drive for PC

A well reputed brand Google and that can be trustedVery user friendlyQuick file uploadSimple InterfaceKeep any FilesShare what you wantSafe and secure drive

System Requirements

Processor: hãng sản xuất intel or AMD Dual chip core Processor 3 GhzRAM: 1 Gb RAMHard Disk: 1 Gb Hard Disk SpaceVideo Graphics: hãng intel GMA Graphics or AMD equivaelnt


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