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Link cài miễn giá thành cuốn sách xuất xắc của Tony BUZANTony Buzan, tác giả of the best-sellingUse Your Head & inventor of therevolutionary Mind-Mapping technique,has acquired fame by improving thememory và learning capability ofthousands of people.

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In this book, basedon the latest research into the workingsof the human brain, he presents aningenious system for training thememory lớn achieve extraordinary feats.The book provides surprising, yetsimple, techniques for rememberingnames, dates, phone numbers andappointments. Special programmes aregiven for card players và there is auseful section for students on how toattain optimum examination results.Buzan reveals his methods withengaging enthusiasm, drawing uponextraordinary, surreal images to lớn illustratehow the mnemonic system works. Someof these images are illustrated in fullcolour. For anyone who has difficulty inremembering facts and figures, peopleand places, Use Your Memory will beinvaluable.Introduction

Like so many children, as a youth I was mystified by this wonder-ful & exasperating thing called memory.

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In casual & relaxedsituations it worked so smoothly that I hardly ever noticed it; inexaminations it only occasionally performed well, lớn my surprise,but was more often associated with "bad memory", the fearful areaof forgetting. Since I spent much of my childhood in the countrywith animals, I began to lớn realise that the misnamed "dumb" crea-tures seemed khổng lồ have extraordinary memories, often superior tomy own. Why, then, was human memory apparently so faulty?I began to lớn study in earnest, eagerly devouring information abouthow the early Greeks had devised specific memory systems forvarious tasks; & how, later, the Romans applied these techniques toenable themselves khổng lồ remember whole books of mythology và toimpress their audiences during senatorial speeches và debates. Myinterest became more focused while I was in college, when therealisation slowly dawned on me that such basic systems need not beused only for "rote" or parrotlike memory, but could be used asgigantic filing systems for the mind, enabling extraordinarily fast andefficient access, & enormously enhancing general understanding. Iapplied the techniques in taking examinations, in playing games withmy imagination in order khổng lồ improve my memory, & in helping otherstudents, who were supposedly on the road lớn academic failure,achieve first-class successes.The explosion of brain research during the last decade hasconfirmed what the memory theorists, gamesters, mnemonictechnicians và magicians have always known: that the holdingcapacity of our brains and the ability to lớn recall what is stored thereare far and deliciously beyond normal expectations.Use Your Memory, a major new development from the memorysections of Use Your Head, is an initial tour through what shouldhave been included as first among the seven wonders of the world:the "hanging gardens" of limitless memory & imagination.
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