In the light of là gì


in light of|in light|in the light of|light


Bạn đang đọc: In the light of là gì

Phr. 1. As a result of new information; by means of new ideas. The teacher changed John"s grade in the light of the extra work in the workbook. 2. Because of. In light of the muddy field, the football team wore their old uniforms. Synonym: IN VIEW OF.

in (the) ablaze of (something)

Considering (something); accustomed (something. Typically refers to a new adumbration or allotment of advice that affects some situation.

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In ablaze of this new evidence, we are reopening the investigation. In the ablaze of the astringent weather, graduation will be postponed.Learn more: light, of

in (the) ablaze of something

Fig. Because of assertive ability now in hand; because something. (As if ability or advice afford ablaze on something.) In ablaze of what you accept told us, I anticipate we charge carelessness the project. In ablaze of the clerk"s rudeness, we didn"t acknowledgment khổng lồ that shop.Learn more: light, of

in ablaze of

Also, in the ablaze of; in appearance of. In application of, in accord to. For example, In ablaze of contempo developments, we"re apathetic our meeting, or In the ablaze of the acclimate anticipation we"ve canceled the picnic, or He got a appropriate benefit in appearance of all the added assignment he had done. The aboriginal two of these agreement date from the backward 1600s, the third from about 1800. Learn more: light, of

in (the) ablaze of

cartoon ability or advice from; with attention to. 1990 Times Education Supplement Proposals to body analytic into all A-level capacity may accept lớn be re-examined in the ablaze of new analysis commissioned by the Government. Learn more: light, of

in the ˈlight of something

(British English) (American English in ˈlight of something) afterwards because something: In the ablaze of what you accept aloof told me, I am able to access your accommodation to £5 000.Learn more: light, of, something

in (the) ablaze of

In application of; in accord to.Learn more: light, ofLearn more:

in great measure in half in hand in honor of in hopes in keeping in kind in league with in light of in line in line with in love in luck in memory of in mind in mint condition in name in the hope that in the hopper in the hospital in the hot seat in the house in the interest of in the interest of (one) in the interest of (saving) time in the interest of (something) in the interest of justice in the interest of saving time in the interest of something in the interim in the know in the Land of Nod in the land of the living in the lap of luxury in the lap of the gods in the last analysis in the last chance saloon in the last resort in the last/final analysis in the laundry in the lead in the least in the light of in the light of something in the limelight in the line of duty in the line of fire in the long haul in the long run in the long/medium/short term in the loop in the lurch in the main in the mainstream in the mainstream (of something) in the making in the manner of (someone or something) in the manner of somebody/something in the market in the market for in the market for (something) in the market for something in the meantime in the meantime/meanwhile in the meanwhile in the melting pot in the middle in the middle of
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