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HOCHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, June 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/--On 15th Jun 2020, DatVietVAC launches its new streaming service VieON following 4 years of development, marking the beginning of a new era for Vietnam"s largest media, entertainment, and technology group.

With the launch of VieON, DatVietVAC is helping to drive a new standard of streaming in the Vietnamese market, bringing a best-in-class experience across all platforms – mobile, SmartTVs, và on desktop.

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Exisitng International OTT Platforms

International OTT platforms including Netflix, Amazon Prime, táo khuyết TV, Iqiyi và WeTV have already found favour in Vietnam. However, there has been criticism in Vietnam that these platforms feature very little local content and prioritize content with international appeal. This strategy has meant that many Vietnamese viewers have had to lớn look elsewhere for content that reflects their tastes.

A contentious issue in the debate over OTT platforms in Vietnam, many international players face criticism for evading regulations imposed on their Vietnamese counterparts, including issues of content licensing, censorship và taxation.

VieON: Evolution for the Local Market

As a new and local OTT platform, VieON has already stated its intention lớn become the foremost digital service for Vietnamese audiences. Its parent company, DatVietVAC was established in 1994, & quickly grew to be Vietnam"s largest privately-owned TV and truyền thông media company. Many of the company"s previous series & shows, including Sieu Tri Tue và Gap Nep Gao Te have gone on khổng lồ become staples of Vietnamese TV. Leveraging its understanding of local tastes, VieON aims to carve out a place for itself by focusing on nội dung that will cater especially lớn Vietnamese audience and celebrate ruling Vietnamese culture & history.

However, the platform is also expected khổng lồ feature a large library of international content, including recent blockbusters & series. VieON has made public its ambition to reach international bugthecao.com including SoutheastAsia, Korea, Taiwan, Mainland Chinaand the US thanks khổng lồ this diversified content.

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An extensivelibrary of 4K quality, in-demand nội dung

Over 100,000 hours of series & shows Thousands of movies and dramas from Hollywood, Korea, china and VietnamOver a hundred international và local TV channels A large, exclusive nội dung library including: TV Series - Gao Nep Gao Te (Season 2), website drama - nhị Duong trong Gio, Original mini drama - Khong The Roi Mat with special casting of Jack J-97, along with special releases of Cay Tao No Hoa, Em Uoc Minh Cung bay by Phan Dang Di and Ca Doi Lam Me by Nguyen quang quẻ Dung, leading Vietnamese directors.

A new version with superior features

The new version of VieON has been given a launch time at 8pm on the 15th of June 2020. Through its partnership with BCG Digital Ventures và technology firm Akamai (a partner of Netflix), the updated platform promises an optimized user experience with 4 key commitments

High definition: a massive library of 4K unique content High speed:smooth playback, no delay, no lag High relevance: insightful recommendations tailored lớn each user High accessibility:convenient & user friendly

To mark the occasion, DatVietVAC is holding a 3-day launch event starting from 8PM every day between the 15th and 17th of June. The experience, with participation from over 1,000 users, including influencers, artists, and partners worldwide,will be livestreamed on VieON and broadcasted on DatVietVAC-owned HTV2 Vie Channel, Vie Dramas, Vie GiaiTri.

Experience top-quality content on VieON

From the 15th of June, users will be able to lớn upgrade khổng lồ a VIP account to receive exclusive early access to series, shows và other high-quality content.

To celebrate the occasion, VieON is offering exclusive introductory offers to Vietnamese audiences. This includes a 4-month subscription for VND 66,000 – equivalent to VND 16,000 per month.

Stay tuned và be ready lớn experience exclusive, premier content at the launch of the new super app VieON, at 8PM, 15th- 17thJune 2020.

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